If you’re in a car accident, should you always take pictures? What should you make sure to record? In this video, Memphis car accident injury lawyer Darrell Castle explains why and how you want to get photo documentation after a car crash.






Should I always take pictures after a car accident?


Well, it’s always good to have pictures. It’s always good to have a record, especially photographic record of what happened if you’re able to take pictures – you’re not injured so badly that you can’t. And if you are, maybe someone close to you could do it for you.


But you should certainly have pictures of your injuries – any cuts, bruises, blood, broken bones, that type of thing.

And also pictures of the vehicles: the damage to your car and to the other car.

And it’s even good to have pictures of the intersection if the accident happened near an intersection – the cross-streets and so forth – so that your attorney or whomever could determine the scene of the accident, and just have a better picture of what happened. And it preserves evidence for possible future use. So yes, it’s a good idea to have pictures.

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