By: Darrell Castle

Many people fall behind on their mortgage for one reason or another. They try to make these quick little fixes to solve their problem, but often times they’re just delaying the inevitable.

That “inevitable” is foreclosure of course. When you fall far enough behind on your mortgage, the bank is going to come knocking and tell you they want their house back. You haven’t been paying for it and they can take it from you.

From that point, you basically have two options.

Option 1: You can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and stop the foreclosure. By filing, you’ll lump your unpaid mortgage payments along with your other debt and make small AFFORDABLE payments for 3-5 years. It’s a debt restructuring plan. When it’s over, that debt is gone and you’re current on your mortgage.

Option 2: Surrender your home.

Obviously, option #1 is ideal. But you may be surprised by how many people decide that surrendering their home is the best option.

Our Memphis Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help

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