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A report from the LA Times claims that people who suffer traumatic brain injuries face a higher risk of dying young.  The risks come from suicide or accidents in upcoming years.

The research shows that people who survive from the actual accident causing the brain damage were three times more likely to die prematurely than people who have suffered no brain damage.  Researchers define premature death as before the age of 56.

As a Memphis personal injury attorney, I’ve seen how brains can be impacted from severe car accidents first-hand.

In a big car accident that causes severe impact, there can be trauma to the head resulting in the brain rattling around and bruising.  This bruising will most likely cause long-term damage.

When this happens, the brain-injured victim will obviously need long-term medical care, and as a lawyer, you want your client to be compensated for that.

Furthermore, as the study mentioned above shows, the odds are the victim will have a shorter life one way or another.  The victim, as well as the victim’s family, deserves compensation for that. The victim’s family depends on him or her for household income and more, and the family would deserve compensation for that loss of income.

As with any personal injury case, all of this has to be proven.

You would need a medical expert to prove the damage that was caused, as well as an expert to prove the economic impact on the victim and his or her family.

My best advice is trying avoid a situation like this as much as you possibly can.  Look out for the well-being of you and your family, especially out there on the streets, because many other people aren’t.

In a world where famous 19-year old teenagers are allegedly drag-racing high-end sports cars down public city streets while under the influence, you always need to stay extra alert on the roads. Luckily for Justin Bieber and all others involved, he was caught before any potentially tragic accident occurred.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident and you weren’t at fault, first seek medical help.  After you’ve done that, seek legal help.

The attorneys at Darrell Castle & Associates have been handling car accident cases in Memphis for decades.  We care and we’ll fight on your behalf.  You’ve been through enough already and the impact on you and your family could last a while.  We want to make sure you get the compensation you deserve to help alleviate some of the suffering.

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