Compensation as part of a personal injury lawsuit should not have any effect on your Social Security disability application. In fact, pursuing the two together may help you:

If you can prove to the SSA that you have a disabling injury preventing you from working, it will speak volumes in your personal injury case about the legitimacy of your injury and its consequences – like loss of income and quality of life.

Memphis social security disability insurance attorneyThose details alone will not win a personal injury case, but they certainly won’t hurt your chances in a settlement or with a jury.

Ideally, you can receive compensation in a personal injury case to help cover your medical bills, necessary repairs, and other related costs while Social Security disability benefits help you deal with long-term loss of income and the lifetime of uncertainties that can occur with a debilitating injury.

Our attorneys are experienced with both SSDI and personal injury law. We can help you figure out your options in pursing both.

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