By: Darrell Castle

As a bankruptcy attorney in Memphis, I’ve seen the effects unemployment can have on people in the community.

However, with a new announcement today that Target has chosen Memphis as it’s location for a new $50 million distribution center, the Memphis employment outlook grew a little brighter.

Target was choosing between Memphis and Olive Branch, and decided on Memphis because of the competitive costs, availability of workforce, real estate, local and state support and accessibility.

This is not merely good news for the city of Memphis, but more importantly, it’s good for the PEOPLE of Memphis.

“It goes without saying that a company like Target can choose to do business anywhere in the country, so it means a great deal that they chose Memphis,” said Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. “We are always grateful for announcements like these as they help us toward our goal to make Tennessee the number one destination in the Southeast for high quality jobs.”

The sudden loss of a job or the inability to find one can lead many people into debt if they aren’t adequately prepared.

If you’re currently unemployed, or if you’re looking for a better job, keep this Target development on your radar. The distribution center will begin hiring in 2015 and will be operational by mid-2015.

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