By: Darrell Castle

You CAN get rid of your tax debt through a bankruptcy… sometimes.

Your tax debt must meet the four criteria below:

  1. It has to be income tax. It can’t be sales tax. It can’t be payroll tax. It can’t be anything BUT income tax.
  2. No fraud. You can’t make any intentional attempt to evade taxes. If you do, then your tax debt will forever be non-dischargeable.
  3. Your taxes must be at least 3 years old. So that means this year – as of April 15 (the day your taxes are due) – your 2011 taxes will be dischargeable.
  4. Last but certainly not least, you HAVE TO file your tax returns. And they have to be filed ON TIME.

As with many things, there are complications to each of the 4 criteria above. And that’s something your bankruptcy attorney can go over with you.

Including taxes in Chapter 13 bankruptcy

You can also get rid of tax debt by making AFFORDABLE payments on the debt through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. And with Chapter 13, you can get rid of ALL your tax debt – not just 3 year old tax debt.

Your bankruptcy attorney will put you in a payment plan, and over a 3-5 year period you’ll pay those taxes back. At the end of that payment plan period, your taxes will be COMPLETELY paid.


Caution – DO NOT let the IRS file a lien on your property. If the IRS does, then you can’t remove that lien until you sell your house. And you can’t sell your house until you pay that lien. Or you can remove the lien by paying EVERYTHING the IRS says you owe.

Instead of letting that happen to you, talk to a bankruptcy attorney if you’re behind on your taxes.

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