The Tennessee State Comptroller’s Office has released a scathing report that reveals the state is far behind where it should be on inspecting nursing homes and the complaints of abuse that happen there.

The investigation reveals state regulators were late to respond in 100% of the most serious complaints. In fact, cases where someone might be in “immediate jeopardy” should get a response within 2 days, but on average it actually took 74 days, and in some cases over 9 months.

That can mean death. As a Memphis nursing home abuse lawyer, I’ve seen it happen: people can die in the amount of time they wait for a response. We’re talking about situations of horrific bed sores, violence, or even sexual abuse.

WREG reports that since 2012, the agency has seen a 50% increase in complaints, which regulators claim has caused the backup.

That’s no defense. If anything, it means the situation is just getting worse and worse!

There is absolutely no excuse for ignoring the safety in nursing homes. But it’s happening, and when abuse occurs, it’s my job to get justice for these ignored residents.

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