Tips For Workers Compensation Claims

After being injured while on the job, you likely have medical bills that need to be paid and lost wages from when you couldn’t work, all while you’re trying to recover and get back on your feet. The only thing that can make all of this even worse is when your employer makes it difficult for you to receive the compensation that you need and deserve for your injury. It may be time to reach out to an experienced workers compensation lawyer Memphis, TN workers trust with their compensation claims. You may not even know all of your options because your employer will likely not make you aware that you do have any options, but your lawyer is experienced in these situations and will provide you with the legal advice that you need. Contact a law firm today to schedule a consultation where you can ask questions and begin to consider your compensation options and next steps.

  • Document Everything
    It will be important to have documentation for everything, including medical bills, lost wages, medical records of your injuries, a copy of the accident report, a timeline of the events, communication between you and your employer, witness statements, a journal detailing your pain, and more. Having documentation will help your lawyer quickly get up to speed on your case as well as show proof of your injuries and assign a dollar amount to your claim.
  • Avoid Social Media
    Most people use social media without thinking much about who all can see what we post, but it could be detrimental to your workers compensation claim. For instance, if you claim that your injuries have made your life more difficult and you are dealing with a lot of pain or can’t work, but then post photos on vacation doing exciting activities it could bring your credibility into question. Posting about the incident itself should also be avoided as anything you post or say could be twisted and used as evidence against you down the road during your case.
  • Don’t Wait to Hire a Lawyer
    With cases like workers compensation it is possible to make legal strategic mistakes that can’t be undone but having a lawyer will help to ensure mistakes don’t happen since your lawyer has the experience needed to get you through this. Having a lawyer from the beginning will likely only help you so that mistakes are avoided, and you will have more options to consider. Having a lawyer may also help to resolve your claim more quickly since they will not be ignored by your employer and other involved parties. 

Call a Lawyer Today

No matter the circumstances of your work-related injury, there is no reason to go through your workers compensation claim alone when experienced lawyers, like from Darrell Castle & Associates, are ready and willing to help you through this. Even if you expect things to be settled quickly and easily, you could benefit from the advice and guidance of a workers compensation lawyer. Call today to schedule a consultation.