As product liability lawyers in Memphis, we’ve been thinking a lot about tire safety this week. While as drivers we may not worry about our tires very often, we depend on them to perform perfectly at all times.

On Monday, July 30th, a Ford F350 pickup blew a tire while heading west on I-40 near a Brownsville exit. The truck crossed a median and was hit head-on by a tractor-trailer. The terrible crash – caused by just one bad tire – took the lives of three Louisville men and injured two others.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims’ families. May the two men still recovering be able to heal completely from their injuries.

Please consider your own tire safety.


    • Check your tires every month to prevent under-inflation – one of the leading causes of tire failure nationwide.
    • Don’t overload under-inflated tires.
    • Have your tires rotated at least every 8,000 miles driven.
    • Check the tires visibly for wear.
    • Pay attention to the toll seasonal changes in temperature take on your tires.


Even then, tires can fail because of manufacturing errors or mistakes by your mechanics. If you’ve been injured in a tire failure accident that wasn’t your fault, or if someone else’s blown tire caused your injuries, contact us today to discuss your options for receiving compensation.