Memphis residents can rejoice that their utility costs went down this winter.

The Commercial Appeal reports that the average Memphis household saved $110 in energy costs this winter compared to last year because of the warm temperatures and lower natural gas costs.

MLGW may be rejoicing, too, because recent surveys suggest they have significantly low costs compared to other utility companies and may even have the lowest water rates in the nation.

This news highlights the value and importance of keeping a budget. The more you plan ahead for what to expect with your utilities, the more aware you are when you do save on lower energy costs. That saved money can help cover other bills if you’ve gotten behind, or be placed in a savings fund for something important.

If you didn’t see much of an improvement in your finances this winter, it may be because your financial situation was already overwhelming. $110 is a nice break, but when your bills are out of control to begin with, it can feel like a drop in the bucket.

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