There may be help for those struggling to pay back student loans.


“Volunteer?  I need to make money,” may be your initial reaction.

Yes, the concept may throw you off at first, but with Zero Bound, students and graduates can volunteer to pay back their student debt.

This video explains Zero Bound’s services and the simple steps you can take to get involved.



Zero Bound is basically sponsored volunteering.  It’s a creative way to pay back student loans while getting real world experience.

If you’re a graduate, or a student, with student loan debt and it’s taking a toll on your life, Zero Bound is something to look into.

However, if you find it’s not feasible for you, there’s another way to get your life back.

Student loans can be included in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy can allow you to delay or reduce your payment obligations.

We care about you and want you to be debt free with the freedom to pursue your dreams.  We specialize in helping you get out of debt as quickly as possible by filing the type of bankruptcy for you and your unique situation.

If you have any questions or are considering bankruptcy, contact us today at (901) 327-2100 or visit us online.