Well, Super Tuesday is over, and as you probably know by now Rick Santorum won the Tennessee primary.

Exit polls from The Associated Press report that voters based their decisions first and foremost on the economy. Even with recent fights over foreign policy and social issues, the state of the nation’s finances still have center stage.

Economic concerns include rising gas prices, national debt, and recovery from the recession. In Tennessee, low income voters tended to choose Rick Santorum over Mitt Romney.

Tennessee residents have to wait until November to vote on the economy again, but in the meantime, how about making changes to your own finances?

If you’re worried about the rising gas prices, perhaps it’s time to figure out a budget that prioritizes the things you care about and need most. If you can set aside enough money for transportation, that empty gas tank might not be so terrifying.

Does national debt have you worried? How about starting with your own debts and figuring out a reasonable, achievable goal for paying them all back?

Upset the country still hasn’t recovered from the recession? Make a plan for your own recovery, whether it means lifestyle changes, increasing your income in a creative way, or other options to get you back on track.

We know that can all sound daunting. How can you become financially stable again when you’ve lost your job, or have medical bills to pay? What options do you really have?

We meet people at our office every day who struggle with these questions, and we talk through their options with them.

Our experienced Memphis bankruptcy attorneys know all about getting out of financial distress. We discuss your situation for free and give you respectful, straightforward answers to concerns about credit, loans, unemployment, and more.

Now’s the time to cast your vote for a better personal economy. Contact us today to get started!