Every Tuesday, we want to inform you of a new scam alert to avoid. This week involves emails.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) contacted several different funeral homes which confirmed they sometimes send out funeral notifications via email.

Scammers seem to have taken notice of this and are using it to gain your personal information.

Be wary if you receive an email with the subject line “funeral notification,” even if it’s from a funeral home in your area, or appears to be at least. The email may even have the funeral home’s name, colors and logos, but it could be anyone.

Why is this dangerous?

The email will instruct you to click on a link to view the invitation to “celebrate your friend’s life service” or memorial service. However, instead of sending you to the invitation, the link will send you to a foreign domain where scammers place malware that downloads to your computer and gives scammers access to personal information on your computer, which could include credit cards, bank information and social security number.

This problem was reported from the BBB of Acadiana, but there’s no reason to think it can’t happen elsewhere, including Memphis

The BBB offers the following tips to avoid this and similar email scams:


    • Don’t believe what you see. Scammers can easily copy real business’ colors, logo and even email address. It’s best to confirm with the funeral home or family and friends before clicking on links or even opening the email.
    • Be wary of unexpected emails that contain links or attachments. As always, don’t click on links or open the files in unfamiliar emails.
    • Beware of pop-ups. Some pop-ups are designed to look like they’ve originated from your computer. If you see a pop-up that warns of a problem that needs to be fixed with an extreme level of urgency, it may be a scam.
    • Watch for poor grammar and spelling. Scam emails often are riddled with typos.
    • Ignore calls for immediate action. Scam emails try to get you to act before you think by creating a sense or urgency. Don’t fall for it.
    • Start with Trust®. Check out the company with BBB before doing business. Before giving any company your personal or financial information, review the business on the BBB website. And remember, if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.


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