Americans are very good at encouraging young people to do all the right things:

  • Get the best education available
  • Buy a home for your family
  • Give yourself and your loved ones the best life you can

But in all three examples, many people are being set up to fail.

Take education. Schools are promising more and more to young people, but in so many cases they fail to provide the one thing you need when you graduate: a job.

Or mortgage payments. When banks knowingly lend out in risky ways, they set up the borrower for high debt and eventual default.

And we’re always telling people the tricks to “living well,” but that’s hard to do when you’re swamped with unexpected medical bills, job loss, or any other unpredictable problem.

In all three cases, the debts can become overwhelming very easily. And in all three cases, people have a tendency to blame the debtor.

That’s incredibly unfair when you think about the people who sold that debt:

  • In the case of education, these schools are charging way too much. They encourage kids to take out private loans, but then don’t provide the quality of education or the future opportunities they promised in the application process.
  • In the case of mortgages, banks lend unwisely and create their own bubble. Then, when it bursts, they’re rewarded with bailouts and special treatment. Their CEOs get bonuses while the borrowers lose their homes.
  • And credit card debt is a serious problem in this country, but so is the shockingly expensive health care system, the unstable economy, and the student loan crisis mentioned above. Let’s deal with those crippling costs before casting a stone.

At my Memphis bankruptcy firm, I see people every day who struggle with one or more of these debts.

If any of this sounds familiar, you should know: our firm helps break this dishonest system. We help you get out of debt and back on your feet. And we help restore your credit. We want you to experience freedom so you can pursue the life you were meant to have.

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