By: Darrell Castle

When nursing home abuse/neglect occurs, bed sores are almost always mentioned as a clue and side-effect. But, do you know what bed sores are?

Well, if you have an elderly-loved one in a nursing home, then it’s extremely important that you do so you can be sure he or she is being properly cared for.

In a nursing home or elderly care facility, bed sores are often a result of patients not being rolled over and moved around as needed. Many of these patients rely on the nursing home employees for their mobility – even for rolling over in bed.

Bed sores can develop quickly and treatment can be difficult.

The Mayo Clinic has provided a list of bed sore symptoms, which can come in four stages of severity.

If your loved one is in a nursing home, be familiar with these symptoms so that you can help your loved one sooner rather than later. Catching bed sores in the early stages can result in a better chance of healing.

The Mayo Clinic advises you to seek immediate medical care if there are signs of infection, such as fever, drainage or an odor from the sore. If early stage symptoms are noticed, then simply change your loved one’s position on the bed and talk to the nursing home staff.

Bed sores are not only painful and frightful, but they can also lead to more serious problems including Sepsis, cellulitis, bone/joint infections and even cancer.

It’s also important to consider bed sores may be a sign of further abuse.

If you or your loved one experience nursing home abuse or neglect, you should speak to an experienced nursing home abuse attorney.

You probably placed your loved one in a nursing home because you thought he or she would receive better care there than you could provide. These nursing home employees are paid to provide a service, and when they fail to do so and someone is hurt because of their negligence or neglect, then they should be held accountable.

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