If you’ve placed your loved one in the hands of a nursing home or other caregiver, you need to know the signs and symptoms of elder abuse.

If you see physical evidence of abuse, report it to the appropriate authorities (the nursing home, caregiving organization, and/or law enforcement, depending on the situation). You should also contact our nursing home abuse lawyers as soon as possible.

Physical Symptoms of Elder Abuse:


    • Bed sores
    • Injuries to the body like bruising, scarring, or wounds that aren’t explained
    • Bruising or burns around the wrist or ankle areas, as this can be a sign of physical restraint
    • Improper dosages of medication, including drug overdose or evidence the elder hasn’t been taking their medication
    • Weight loss or other signs of malnutrition and lack of food
    • Dehydration
    • Lack of hygienic care, including soiled bedding, dirty clothing, or otherwise unsanitary conditions.
    • Development of STDs and/or any bruising around the genitals, which can be signs of rape or sexual assault
    • Lost or damaged personal property, like broken glasses or missing jewelry
    • Dirty or dangerous living space
    • Lack of adequate clothing for the temperature, both inside and outside


Tomorrow we’ll discuss the emotional symptoms of elder abuse, which can be harder to detect but important in understanding what’s happening to your loved one.

If you have any questions or believe your family member may be the victim of elder abuse, contact our Memphis elder abuse lawyers today.