Yesterday we discussed how to find out if your employer has workers’ comp insurance in Tennessee. But sometimes you don’t realize your employer isn’t covered until after you’ve been injured.

In that situation, you may already have medical bills backing up, which means you have no time to waste; and while you’re trying to heal, you’re also dealing with a boss who doesn’t want to pay. You may be wondering where you can go to make sure the employer takes responsibility. You may be worried you’ll lose your job if you pursue the case any further.

Fortunately the law is on your side.

First, it’s illegal not to have workers’ compensation insurance in Tennessee if you have 5 or more employees. If your employer is refusing your claim, you can contact the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development at 1-800-332-COMP (2667) or 615-532-4812. There are penalties for not having workers’ comp coverage, and the labor department will help take care of that for you.

In the meantime, there’s still those pesky bills to pay and the worries about your job security.

To take care of all that, you should contact an attorney immediately. Our Memphis workers’ comp lawyers see complicated cases like this all the time. We help our clients understand the process and their rights within the system.

A qualified workers’ comp attorney will make sure you get payment for your medical bills and recovery costs. They’ll also protect you from retaliation by your employer, since legally you can’t be fired for reporting an 0n-the-job injury.

If you’d like to talk with a lawyer about your workplace injury, contact us today at no charge.