workers comp lawyer TNWhat Workers’ Compensation Is, And What It Isn’t

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What is workers’ compensation?” You’ve come to the right place.

Workers’ compensation is a system created by state laws that provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill on the job. These benefits include:

  • medical care
  • temporary disability payments
  • permanent disability payments, and
  • compensation for vocational rehabilitation

How Is an Employee Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Most states require nearly all employers have workers’ compensation insurance. This covers all employees under their employer’s policy. You don’t need to pay any premiums for this coverage. It just comes with working at a company.

Does a Workers’ Comp Claim Affect My Job?

No, it does not. You should never be punished for reporting an injury on the job.

Federal laws protect employees from retaliation after a workers’ comp claim. This means your employer can’t fire or otherwise treat you badly for filing a claim. If you believe your employer has done so, contact our office immediately to discuss your rights.

What Does Workers’ Comp Cover?

Workers’ comp covers all types of injuries that occur at work, as long as they stem from your job duties. It doesn’t matter if your injury was caused by negligence on the employer’s part or your own.

Certain injuries that happen outside of your workplace may also apply, if they involve a work-related activity. Examples include attending a mandatory seminar or delivering a work package.

Workers’ compensation doesn’t cover non-work-related injuries. If your injury occurred outside of work, you probably can’t recover anything from workers’ compensation. (Commuting is a very common example.)

In addition, if your injury results from your intentional conduct or intoxication, then you most likely can’t recover benefits either. In other words, you can’t purposefully harm yourself in order to receive funds.

Workers compensation claim onlineHow Much Does It Cost to Hire an Attorney?

Most people assume they can’t afford to hire a workers comp attorney. As a result, they miss out on an important resource. Our workers compensation lawyers in Memphis, TN charge on a contingency basis. This means our payment requires we first win the case and get a settlement for our client.

How Do I Know If I Have a Case?

If you’re injured on the job, you likely have a workers’ compensation case. Rare exceptions include if your injury involved illegal activity, intoxication, or some other extreme circumstance.

Regardless of the cause, you should speak with a workers’ comp attorney. We can help you determine whether you have a case and what to expect from the process.

A good workers’ compensation lawyer in Memphis, TN will answer all your questions, make themselves available for you, and help you every step of the way.

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