dangerous sidewalks in Memphis | personal injury lawyers memphisDangerous sidewalks in Memphis

By: Darrell Castle

In 2013, Memphis saw a big spike in sidewalk-related lawsuits, sparking interest and concern.

It’s no secret that the City of Memphis has current budget issues. When you mix that with a bunch of messed up sidewalks, there’s going to be a problem.

The city’s solution?

Memphis residents were forced to repair sidewalks in front of their homes.

However, many homeowners have complained they have insufficient funds to pay for sidewalk repairs, which can cost between $200-$1,500. At the beginning of July, council members extended the moratorium (or temporary prohibition) of forcing residents to repair sidewalks for two more months, according to the Memphis Flyer.

Disfigured sidewalks can be dangerous for bicyclists, runners, walkers, children, etc. I was recently walking down a street in my neighborhood and came upon a slab of sidewalk sticking out of the ground at a 45 degree angle. Now, I was walking slow, but I can only imagine if I had been running or riding my bike and not noticed the slab; that’s a big hazard! An innocent stroll through the neighborhood could turn into a broken arm, or worse.

If you’re in a sidewalk accident, seek medical attention first and foremost. Then, you should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney as you may be entitled to compensation for damages.

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