By: Darrell Castle

If you’re struggling with debt you can’t pay and want to talk to someone experienced about your options, then our FREE bankruptcy consultation is perfect for you! And you can schedule one by contacting us online.

This is time scheduled just for you! This is an hour or so in which you’ll sit down with your attorney, go over your finances, explain your situation and discuss your best options moving forward. It’s all free of charge AND obligation.

You may not want to file for bankruptcy. You may not think it’s right for you for one reason or another. And you may be right. But wouldn’t you at least like to hear your options and how a bankruptcy could help you? It’s free advice.

What should you bring to your bankruptcy consultation?

Be sure to bring a list of your creditors and how much you owe. This doesn’t have to be exact, but it should be a pretty close approximation. It’ll make the consultation much more effective and efficient.

It’s as simple as that.

Do you want to learn more about bankruptcy?

If you want to learn more about bankruptcy and what it can do for you, we have tons of information. Click here to read some of our bankruptcy resources and FAQS. Or click here to checkout my blog.