By: Darrell Castle

So that car came out of no where and smashed into you while you were riding your bicycle?

That unfortunately doesn’t surprise me.

Here in Memphis, there’s been a longstanding feud between cyclists and drivers. Some in each group think they own the road, when in reality, they share it.

With the city of Memphis making the necessary push to mold the community into a more “livable” one by adding bike lanes – and gaining a lot of positive national exposure for its efforts – it’s time for these drivers and cyclist to get along and learn how to share the road.

But, perfection will never be a reality and accidents will happen due to ignorance of the laws or just simple negligence to obey them.

If you’re cruising through town on your bicycle and end up in an accident with a vehicle, treat it as a car accident.

At the scene, call the police to report the accident. Don’t negotiate with the driver or discuss who’s at fault. Look for witnesses and point them out to the police so they can gather statements. Take photos of the scene.

And most importantly, accept the medical care or go to the ER to receive full treatment for any injuries you sustained.

And then your next step should be to contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you shouldn’t be held responsible for the expensive medical bills and lost wages from time you had to miss at work. The person responsible for the accident should be held liable. And that’s where insurance comes into play.

You need an attorney you can trust. You need an attorney who’ll work hard and take the time to handle your case correctly and fight to get you the compensation you’re entitled to.

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