Elder abuse is heartbreaking. As with many forms of abuse, victims in elder abuse cases are among our society’s most vulnerable — unable to defend themselves. When it happens at a nursing home, it’s all the more painful to watch. After all, putting a loved one in a nursing facility is not a decision made lightly. You want to trust that your loved one will be taken care of.

As a nursing home lawyer Memphis TN turns to, I have helped hold abusive, neglectful facilities accountable — and won.

Different Types of Elderly Abuse

There are many different types of elderly abuse.

  • Physical force, including hitting, kicking, pushing, slapping, and burning.
  • Emotional or psychological — verbal or nonverbal behavior that inflicts fear, anguish, or distress.
  • Neglect — a caregiver’s failure to meet an older adult’s fundamental needs, such as food, water, hygiene, and medical care.
  • Financial — illegally or inappropriately using an elder’s money or assets.

What Are Pressure Ulcers?

Today, I want to talk about pressure ulcers, an increasingly frequent form of physical abuse experienced by elders.

Pressure ulcers, sometimes also known as bedsores or pressure sores, are a medical complication that often stems from immobility. They often occur after prolonged pressure and involve damage to the skin. They can progress quickly and are often difficult to treat. I don’t wish to frighten you but in some severe cases, nursing home residents have died from complications related to pressure ulcers.

It’s important to catch them early on. Because different environmental factors can accelerate healing of the wound, talk to your elder’s team to address potential changes, including a new mattress, regular position changes, and continence management, among others.

Get Help From an Elder Abuse Lawyer Memphis TN Trusts

Elder abuse lawsuits are not uncommon. When searching for an elder abuse lawyer it is important that you choose a firm with experience in the investigation and litigation in nursing home neglect lawsuits.

If you suspect your loved one has been neglected or abused in a nursing home, call us at (901) 327-1212 or contact us online. You can rest assured we want to put an end to this awful abuse.