If you’re trying to research workers’ comp payments online, you may see a lot of conflicting answers about when the benefits will actually pay. That is because workers’ compensation laws vary from state-to-state. Our attorneys practice workers’ compensation in and around Memphis, so we can tell you what the specific Tennessee laws regulate in regards to your workers’ comp claim.

In Tennessee you don’t receive workers’ compensation benefits until 14 days after you left due to injury. In the meantime, many companies offer sick benefits to help cover the first 2 weeks of your lost time. After that, your workers’ compensation benefits would cover 2/3 your average weekly wages for the rest of the time while you recoup from your injury.

The rules are simple; however, with workers’ compensation the details can be tricky. If you come up against problems, consider talking to one of our workers’ comp lawyers in the Memphis area. We can help if you are fired because of your injury or need to dispute something related to your claim. We can also help to make sure you apply successfully in the first place.

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