We joke sometimes about creditors hating what we do – OK, one creditor in particular. But that’s not exactly how it works.

Some creditors hate the work we do, but a lot of them love the way we do it. Here’s why:


Video Transcript:

If creditors hate me, it’s because I do my job very well. Here at Darrell Castle and Associates, we help people keep their cars if they’re behind on their car payments. We help them keep their homes when they’re behind on their house payments. So they’re not dispossessed, with children and families having no place to live, and their children displaced from their school system.

We prevent all those things from happening.

That’s what creditors want to do to someone who owes money. And we prevent that from happening. That’s why they hate us, when they do.

We also help people get out of medical bills, credit card bills, and the like. Darrell Castle and Associates will help you be free of that, so you can keep the fruits of your labor. You can tithe to your church; you can send your children to school. All the things that people want to do and need to do to live. We prevent creditors from stopping you from doing those things. That’s why they hate us, when they do.

But at the same time, what I’ve found is that creditors respect Darrell Castle and Associates because we don’t lie, cheat or steal. We use the law to protect you, but we only work within the law. We don’t do it any other way, and creditors appreciate that.

That’s the way Darrell Castle does business and practices the law.

If you have debts you can’t pay, if you’re behind on your house payment or your car payment, call us. We’ll be glad to talk with you any time, and there’s no charge for the conversation with our experienced bankruptcy lawyers.