By: Darrell Castle

You might have taken a drug this morning at the center of lawsuits for alleged dangerous side effects.

What prescription and over-the-counter medications are you taking? Have you researched them?

Many dangerous drugs are FDA approved and on the market today. Either the FDA didn’t find the serious side effects frequent or dangerous enough to send a warning or recall. Or the recall process has just been a little slow.

And you can’t really count on the drug manufacturers to do the right thing. When a pharmaceutical company is making $245 billion in revenue from a medication, do you think a couple billion dollars in lawsuits and fines is going to stop them?

You may like to think moral obligation to customers and society is a real thing. But just because it is for you and me doesn’t necessarily mean it is to corporate America. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and money rules!

So, rather than trust the FDA and drug manufacturers to do the right thing, research on your own the drugs you’re prescribed and using. Go on Google now, type in the name of your drug and the word “lawsuits” in the search box, click “search” and see what you find.

Are you willing to risk what you’re seeing on your computer screen?

Darrell Castle & Associates can help you out with research for several drugs we’re currently investigating and accepting cases for.

Do you use any of these drugs or medical replacements?

  • Levaquin, Cipro & Avelox
  • Lipitor
  • Xarelto
  • Stryker and Depuy replacements
  • Tylenol
  • Low testosterone treatment
  • NuvaRing
  • Actos
  • Mirena
  • Zocor and Vytorin

If you use any of the above brands, please visit our website and find out what’s happening to many of their users.

If you think you’ve experienced any of the side effects you see mentioned on our site, our experienced drug lawyers would love to talk to you about it. Not only do we want to help you get the compensation you’re entitled to for your damages, but we also want to hold the drug companies accountable, seeking justice both for you and for all of the other victims.

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