During the summer months, Memphis is about as hot as they come. Extreme heat has even been a health hazard from time to time. But now, those days seem far away. Winter is just around the corner. The days are getting shorter and the nights, colder. While Memphis never gets as unbearably cold as other parts of the country, weather is unpredictable. There will inevitably be some nights when space heaters, cozy blankets, and a bowl of hot soup aren’t enough.

For anyone struggling to make ends meet, opening a utility bill can be a budget-testing, not to mention anxiety-inducing, experience. As a Memphis bankruptcy attorney with over 30 years of experience, I’ve met thousands of people who are suffering from debt they simply can’t pay back. Many times, this debt includes past-due MLGW bills. Because utilities are metered, they are hard to account for in a monthly budget.

It goes without saying that energy is an expensive thing. The U.S. Department of Energy recently reported that America’s 115 million residences collectively use 22.5% percent of the country’s energy output. On average, any single family will spend $2,2000 a year on utility bills

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to cut down on utilities and save money.

Energy Saving Tips

Try energy-efficient light bulbs.

Overall energy habits can lower your monthly bill. Lighting comprises roughly 5% of home energy use. The next time a bulb goes out, opt for an LED or compact fluorescent bulb instead of the old-fashioned incandescents. LEDs last much longer and use significantly less energy.

A little insulation goes a long way.

Better insulating will likely lead to energy savings. If your home is on the draftier side, you can seal leaks inside and outside your house with relatively inexpensive weather stripping.

Get a programmable thermostat.

These used to cost several hundred dollars, but these days you can get one for much less. A programmable thermostat controls the temperature settings of your home during the day so that you consume less energy while you’re away.

If you are deep in debt from utility bills, bankruptcy is a lasting solution.

If you are truly overwhelmed by utility bills, the tips above won’t be enough. From 30 years as a Memphis bankruptcy attorney, I know that being unable to pay any kind of bill usually indicates unsustainable spending.

Please don’t let your inability to pay bills cause a deeper downward spiral. You can stop the problem before it gets worse. In our country, there is a way to have your debts forgiven and get a fresh financial start. It’s called bankruptcy.

You’ve got some options. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will allow you to get rid of dischargeable debt, like credit card and medical debt. A Chapter 13 will consolidate mortgages and car payments into an affordable amount. Our lawyers are known for our compassion and results, and we are happy to walk you through it all, even if you’re unsure about bankruptcy.

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