Why Our Workers’ Comp Lawyers Stand Out Above the Rest

Over the years, we’ve become the workers’ comp lawyer Memphis trusts with their biggest cases, and it’s a great honor. We’re proud to have great reviews online, including a five-star rating on Avvo, an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and multiple Martindale-Hubbell awards for client satisfaction.

But this didn’t happen by accident. Here’s what our workers’ comp lawyers have done to set our firm apart.

Changing Tactics in Workers’ Comp

The tactics in a workers comp case have changed some over the years. These days, the insurance companies stonewall more than they used to. This means they’ve decided the best way to handle your workers comp case is not to do anything at all. Sometimes they won’t even answer the phone.

That obviously makes life very difficult for you and for anyone who gets injured on the job. At the time when you most desperately need help and support, the very system that’s supposed to offer it fails you instead.

We make it our job to break down this barrier. We’re tenacious in getting the company to provide the service they’re obligated to give you.

As a result, we’re able to speed up the process so you can get the health benefits you need and deserve. And we get negotiations started when other people might just get silence.

No one should be punished or abused for getting injured doing their daily work. You deserve communication and results.

workers-compensation-lawyers-memphis-TN - Car accident. Cheerless wounded handsome man sitting on the medical bed and looking at his injury while being at the hospitalGetting the Truth from Your Doctors

In any workers comp case, it’s critical you have medical evidence to back up your claim. If insurance is unwilling to pay, you need to be able to show the extent of your injuries and how the event affected your life.

Some doctors may know how to articulate this for a workers’ comp claim, but many don’t. So as you’re gathering medical evidence, you may need someone who can guide the process. We never tell anyone what to say, but we often help doctors state the facts in a way the courts and insurance companies will understand.

Telling Your Story Against the Odds

In theory, worker’s comp is supposed to be a very simple process. You get injured on the job, file a claim, and receive the benefits you need in order to get better. Employers carry insurance for this exact purpose – it’s required by law.

But unfortunately, the reality often looks very different. Sometimes insurance will minimize or even totally deny your injury is a big deal. This can be extremely frustrating and depressing – it’s awful to have someone tell you your very real and debilitating health problem doesn’t exist.

We don’t let them get away with it.

Male lawyer or judge consult having team meeting with Businesswoman client, Law and Legal services concept.As an example, we recently had a client with a severe hand injury that caused him to lose the use of his thumb. The insurance companies tried to play it off as a minor injury. But it impacted every single part of his life, including his ability to return to work the same way as before.

Because we know the judges and courts so well, we know how to describe the way your life has changed because of your disability. We know how to tell your story.

We fought for him when the system wouldn’t. As a result of our hard work, he got the benefits he needed, despite their best attempts to write off his injury.

A Strong Work Ethic

Perhaps above all, our team has an unbeatable work ethic. We treat every client and case with the respect and care they deserve. We’ll show up early and stay late. And we’ll fight to make sure your story gets heard and that you have the best possible chance of success.

We don’t win anything unless you do, which means we invest our own money and time into every case. We believe in you, which is why we work so hard on your behalf.

Darrell Castle downtown Memphis attorneyGet Started with a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Memphis Trusts

I’ve always respected people who work hard and do their job well, and I’m proud to have gathered a team who shares the same values.

If you’ve suffered from an on-the-job injury, we would love to show you what makes us the workers’ comp lawyer Memphis trusts with their toughest cases.

The conversation is completely free. Just contact us online today or give us a call at 901-327-2100.