The 2013 Retirement Confidence Survey is out, and Americans are worried about the status of their retirement.

Insecurity about retirement tied last year’s numbers, and those numbers are the highest in 23 years. Nearly 1/3 of all Americans worry they won’t have enough money to retire.

People realize it’s important to save money for retirement – it’s just that recent events and life circumstances make saving difficult, if not impossible. Many people nearing retirement face:


    • Job insecurity or unemployment
    • Credit card debt
    • Investments that performed poorly during the recession
    • Children with student loan debt
    • Unpaid medical bills
    • Family members also in financial need or, in some cases, using their family’s finances irresponsibly


According to the survey, 55% of workers and 39% of retirees are dealing with debt problems that affect their savings.

A lot of people who can’t afford retirement might want to consider bankruptcy. It isn’t right for everyone – it’s a big step – but if you have serious debt problems, bankruptcy can help you get out of debt while also protecting your property and retirement funds.

In addition, our firm actually offers a program to help you improve your credit score to an A rating of 720 or higher. You can see results in as little as one year, even after a bankruptcy.

If bankruptcy and retirement stress you out, there’s nothing to lose by speaking with one of our Memphis bankruptcy lawyers. The conversation is completely free. Contact us today by filling out a form on this website or calling 901-327-2100.


(Photo credit: Steve Woods)