Personal Injury Lawyer

Renting a Bird electric scooter can be a fun and convenient way to explore a downtown area with friends or get to a venue where parking might be difficult. However, despite the fun and adventure these scooters represent, they do not come without their dangers as well. Some people have experienced significant injuries on these devices, so if you use them often, it may be helpful to know what to do if you become involved in an accident.

  1. Stay at the Scene 

If you were struck by a vehicle or accidentally hit a car or a pedestrian while riding the scooter, stay at the scene and call the authorities. If you are injured, call 911 and wait for responders to arrive. If you are able, recount the incident to the cops as soon as possible and while the details are still fresh in your mind. Take photos of the scooter if possible, especially if you think it malfunctioned and caused the wreck.

  1. Obtain Police and Medical Reports 

Collecting official accounts of the accident and copies of your medical bills may help support your case if you decide to sue Bird for your injuries. Once you leave the hospital, follow up with your general practitioner and ask him or her to give you a detailed report of the injuries you sustained in the accident. The more proof you can collect, the stronger your lawsuit may be.

  1. Review the Scooter Rental Agreement 

When you use a Bird scooter, you agree to the rental terms and conditions, which may absolve the company of any responsibility if you should get injured during your ride. The agreement also states that you are aware of any medical conditions that may make using the scooter dangerous. This agreement may prevent you from filing a personal injury lawsuit; however, there may be other circumstances that could allow you to continue with legal action.

  1. Consult an Attorney 

If you believe that the scooter you rode was faulty and somehow caused your injury, speaking to an attorney may help you understand your legal options. Offer him or her copies of the police and medical reports and any correspondence you have had with Bird, if any. If your lawyer believes you have a case, he or she will then advise you about how to proceed.

Being injured on a Bird scooter can disrupt your life and result in medical issues that could affect you long term, but there is help available. Reach out to an attorney today, like an electric scooter accident lawyer in Trenton, New Jersey, for further assistance and to schedule an initial consultation.



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