Car Accident Lawyer

No matter the severity of a motor vehicle accident you are involved in, you are susceptible to bodily injuries. Neck and back injuries are the most common in rear-end motor vehicle accidents. These injuries sometimes take years to heal and sometimes they heal in no time. This all depends on the treatment post-accident. There are several ways to tend to your injuries following a rear end motor vehicle accident, such as:

A neck, back or knee brace. These braces help keep your muscles and bones in place to ensure that they heal properly and avoid any more injury to a specific spot.

Ice packs and heating pads. Hot and cold temperatures being placed on the painful or injured location help to relieve pain, muscle tension, and even swelling in most cases.

Physical therapy. In most motor vehicle accidents, physical therapy is almost always a part of the road to recovery. After ice or heat has been applied to certain areas of your body, physical therapy helps regain muscle memory in areas that may not have been used how they normally are.

Pain medication is also a part of treatment, for obvious reasons. Pain medicine does not take away the pain, but it assists in numbing it while you still do the work to heal.

Going to the chiropractor. This is a more relaxing way to recover from your injuries and is sometimes a better alternative to the treatment options listed above.

No matter which of any of those you decide to move forward with, you should speak with your doctor and car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA to ensure what may be the best option for your road to recovery.

Rear-end collisions cannot always be avoided but there are steps to take to ensure you have tried your best to avoid them. As a person who has been rear-ended, when coming to a stop be sure to leave room in front of you and check for cars behind you. This helps when others cars seem to be distracted and unable to stop before colliding into you. By doing this, you are not only aware of our surroundings, but also have room to move up or out of the way should someone not be able to stop in time.  For individuals that rear-end someone else, to avoid doing so again you may want to give enough distance between each car, no matter if they are at a stop or not. This will avoid stop and go rear-end accidents that may place you at fault. Most importantly, and which may go without saying in both instances, avoid any distractions in the car or outside of the car and pay attention to your surroundings at all times.



Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and rear-end car accidents.