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Bicycling is a great form of recreation, as well as a wonderful way to exercise. It can also be a form of commuting, whether to run errands, work, or school. Whatever the reason you cycle, it is critical to realize just how dangerous it can be, too, because of how much of a risk cyclists are of becoming bike accident victims. According to national statistics, there are almost 468,000 victims injured each year in bike accidents. Adding to this alarming number is that the injuries cyclists suffer are often much more serious because of the lack of protection they have when a vehicle slams into them.

In one study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 1,000 victims were killed in bicycle accidents in the one-year study period. Many bike crashes are caused by vehicle driver error or negligence, but there are steps that cyclists can take to decrease their risk of being injured in a crash.


Multiple studies have shown how effective helmets are for anyone riding a bike. In fact, wearing a helmet decreases the chance of a brain injury by half. Unfortunately, despite these studies, many cyclists do not wear a helmet when they ride. About 75 percent of bike accident fatalities are connected to brain injury. This alarming statistic should be enough to convince cyclists to always wear a helmet when they ride.

Traffic Laws

Just like vehicle drivers, all cyclists are required to follow the traffic laws of the state they are riding in. This means that a cyclist is required to stop at all traffic lights, signs, yield the right-of-way, signal when turning, drive with the flow of traffic, and stay in traffic lanes. There are bike accidents that are the fault of the cyclists that could have been avoided if they were following the rules. Many accidents occur because the cyclist was traveling down the wrong way of the street. There are also many bike accidents that happen because of alcohol. Data reveals that one out of every five bike accident victims who are killed had alcohol in their system over the legal limit of .08. Just like vehicle driver should never drink and drive, cyclists shouldn’t either.

Night Cycling

Although in some cases it may not be possible, a person who cycles should avoid riding their bike at night. It is difficult to see a cyclist at night. It is also difficult for the cyclist to see objects that may be on the road that could cause them to lose control of the bike. If a cyclist does have to ride at night, it is critical that they wear bright and reflective clothing and make sure the bike has a headlight in the front to illuminate the way and a flashing light in the back so vehicles can see the bike.

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