By: Darrell Castle

Debt can put a lot of stress on a person, and if the problem is left unsettled, bad things can happen.

A story surfaced in the Memphis news this week when a local man posted a video on Facebook of a panhandler getting beaten up.

In this video, the man – Joseph Johnson – got out of his truck at the intersection of I-240 and Perkins and began attacking a panhandler on the sidewalk. Johnson posted on Facebook that this panhandler used to work for his family business, Johnson Tree Service, and stole seven of his chainsaws.

In the Facebook post, Johnson said he is behind on his bills and due to be evicted from his home, seemingly using this as an excuse for his violent actions. It appears the stress of his debt got the best of him.

Now, an arrest warrant for simple assault has been issued for Johnson. So, rather than only having to deal with his debt and eviction notice, he has to deal with more legalities.

Violence is never the answer, folks. It only makes the problem worse.

A better way to deal with debt is through the bankruptcy process. People have false assumptions of what bankruptcy is and what it can/will do so they tend to avoid it. However, a one hour FREE consultation is all you need to hear about how a bankruptcy can help solve your problems.

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