Bumbo South Africa has recalled roughly 4 million baby seats because of concerns over children falling out.

According to the recall, babies have been able to maneuver out of the seat and fall on the floor, causing severe injuries.

At least 50 falls from elevated places like tabletops have resulted in injury; and at least 19 young victims have suffered from skull fractures after falling from an elevated position.

Falls apparently happen even when the chairs are positioned on the floor. At least 34 such falls have also caused injury; and two falls from the floor position have resulted in skull fractures.

Here’s the description of the chairs, as written in the recall:


The bottom of the Bumbo seat is round and flat with a diameter of about 15 inches. It is constructed of a single piece of molded foam and comes in various colors. The seat has leg holes and the seat back wraps completely around the child. On the front of the seat in raised lettering is the word “Bumbo” with the image of an elephant on top. The bottom of the seat has the following words: “Manufactured by Bumbo South Africa Material: Polyurethane World Patent No. PCT: ZA/1999/00030.” The back of the seat has several warnings and seats manufactured since 2008 have an additional label on the front of the seat warning against use on raised surfaces.

If you have one of these seats for your child, stop using it immediately. There’s a free repair kit that includes a restraint belt and new labeling.

You can order the free repair kit by visiting www.recall.BumboUSA.com or calling (866) 898-4999 between 8am-5pm CT Monday-Thursday and 8am-12:30pm CT on Friday.

Do not return the Bumbo seat to retailers, as they will not be able to provide the repair kit.

And if you or your child have been injured by these seats or another defective product, contact us today to discuss your case for free.