The $417 Million Verdict That Shook J&J

Maybe you’ve seen the news of some massive verdicts related to Johnson & Johnson baby powder. A lot of people have been totally shocked by the $417 million verdict passed down last month. But as a baby powder lawsuit attorney Memphis TN trusts with their biggest injury cases, I’m not surprised. I’ve been following these cases from the very beginning.

Here are 5 things you need to know about these baby powder cases:

1. Talcum powder (baby powder and similar) has been linked to ovarian cancer.

This includes feminine hygiene powder, which many women use without realizing how harmful it can be. The clients who have won against J&J so far all had severe cases of ovarian cancer. Studies show the link time and again, with doctors citing that they find talc particles inside the tumors of these women who’ve used the product and developed cancer.

2. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) seems to have known about the risk and failed to warn its customers.

The plaintiffs in these huge cases claim J&J knew about the connection between talcum powder and cancer for 40 years. They say the company used its lobbying arm to distort scientific research that might otherwise have helped inform the public.

3. Many people trust baby powder so much they use it for their entire lives.

Women who regularly use J&J powder have a significantly higher risk of ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, when J&J obtained research showing this, they refused to put a warning label on the product. They did the opposite instead, and didn’t tell the women who were most at risk. The juries seem to feel J&J betrayed women who use these products daily.

4. J&J’s behavior hurt them in court.

Representatives of the company refuse to admit they’ve known about the products’ risks, even when their own internal memos show otherwise. They’ve remained on the defensive since the beginning, promising to appeal at every turn. According to multiple news reports, jurors were disgusted by the internal memos, which they said made them feel the company was withholding crucial information.

5. Many more lawsuits will likely follow this one.

J&J may face well over a thousand similar cases in the weeks and months to come, especially as women become aware of the company’s connection to ovarian cancer.

A Baby Powder Lawsuit Attorney Memphis TN Can Trust

If you or a loved one have used J&J baby powder or hygiene powder and developed ovarian cancer, you need someone experienced, compassionate, and ready to fight for you.

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