That very difficult time in your life has come – it’s time to consider putting your mother in a nursing home.

This woman gave you life and raised you into the great adult you are now.  She is precious to you and you care for her so much, but time has caught up with her and she is very dependent on your assistance. However, you have started your family and don’t have the necessary time and energy to keep up with the day-to-day routine of making sure your mother gets everything she needs.

You have strongly considered all your options and it seems the best fit for everyone involved is to find her a nice nursing home.

Fast-forward two months ahead – two months of researching, reading reviews, talking to knowledgable people and going through the application process – and your mother is now being taken to her new home where she can be comfortably cared for with your peace of mind that she’ll get everything she needs.

But naturally, you’re a little skeptical, and you’re also crafty.  This causes you to place a hidden camera in your mother’s alarm clock.

That’s what a woman in Miami, Florida did for her mother.

Jan Hoffman’s mother died in a long-term care facility shortly after suffering abuse at the hands of nursing aides.  The abuse was revealed in footage from a hidden camera in an alarm clock.

Hoffman described the abuse as the aides “stuffed latex gloves into Mrs. Mayberry’s mouth, while another taunted her, tapping her on the head, laughing.  Hoisting her from her wheelchair, they flung her on the bed.  One performed a few heavy-handed chest compressions.”

Mrs. Mayberry, the victim, was 96-years-old and though it’s not clear whether the abuse directly caused her death, it’s a major problem nonetheless.

One would assume the aids wouldn’t have abused Mrs. Mayberry if they would have known the cameras were present, serving as a “watchful eye.”

We featured a video in a blog post last month with footage revealing nursing home abuse. The post also featured some alarming statistics regarding the growing nursing home abuse problem in the United States, especially in Tennessee.

We put our loved ones in nursing homes to receive better care than we’re able to give them, not to be a victim of abuse.

Abuse can be the source of injury and even death.  It’s a problem that could be at least partially solved by putting surveillance cameras in rooms and other places where nursing home residents are cared for.

Darrell Castle & Associates has a nursing home lawyer Memphis, TN trusts to handle sensitive abuse and neglect cases. At Darrell Castle & Associates, we hate elder abuse and neglect so we take nursing home cases very seriously.  If you or a loved one has been victimized in this way, we want to see justice done for you and your family.  We’ll fight for it.

Let us help.

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