It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in the city of Memphis.  In fact, it’s the perfect day for you to take your six-year-old son to the local neighborhood playground.

Now fast-forward – your son has been on the playground with some other kids for about 30 minutes.  He’s been climbing on the monkey bars, sliding down the slide and playing on the seesaw.  Then he gets to the swings – man, he likes to go high.

Your son has been swinging for about five minutes when all of the sudden the chain snaps off the the bar and your son flies through the air, landing on his arm and breaking it.

This not only means pain and suffering for your son who you love and care for dearly, but this also means medical bills and a change to your daily routines.

Do you have a premises liability case?

Well, that depends…

Was there negligence from the owner or caretaker of the playground?  Maybe the owner or caretaker knew that the chains were rusted and needed to be changed.  Maybe there was a standard of procedures in which the owner was responsible for checking or changing the chains on the playground once a year, maybe twice a year, and failed to do so.

Whatever the situation, your lawyer must be able to prove negligence on behalf of the owner/caretaker of the playground.

Let’s turn the situation around though…

When your son flew off the swings, were you properly supervising him?  Did you walk away to take a phone call for a few minutes?  Were you really into the book you were reading and not watching the playground?  Were you talking to one of the other parents and not paying attention to your child?  Proper supervision of your child could play a big factor in a premises liability case.

What kind of playground was this?

Was this a school playground?  If so, the school may be protected from liability by government immunity.

Was this a private playground (not government-owned) either at someone’s home, a business, a children’s museum, etc?  If so, recovery for your child’s injuries will be much less complicated.

As you can see, many factors can play into a premises liability case if your child is injured on a playground.  This is why you need an experienced attorney.

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Let us help.

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