“Hello! This is Darrell Castle, folks, and today I want to talk to you about opioid pain relievers and how children become addicted to opioids, not just children, but babies, babies just born are addicted to the opioid pain relievers. Now that syndrome is called “neonatal abstinence syndrome.” That’s because their mothers took this drug while she was pregnant, and passed it on to her unborn child, and that child was born with the syndrome which causes sometimes lifetime disability and other problems, other problems, behavior problems, learning problems, all kinds of things like that.

“I want to just give you one way that this occasionally happens. So you think, “Why would they give pregnant mothers these things?” Well that’s a good question, folks, that’s a good question. And we blame the pharmaceutical companies for convincing doctors that these drugs are safe, but they’re obviously not safe. Quite often, you’ll find a mother who’s in jail. She’s done a crime, but the baby that she carries with inside her body has committed no crime, and this lady is taking opioids and when she goes to jail, they try to give her methadone to get her off of it, and methadone is a synthetic opioid. It’s actually a synthetic heroin too. Every day that lady will be woken up, put on a bus, and driven down to the methadone clinic and given methadone and taken back to jail, and nine months later, she gives birth to a baby with NAS, or neonatal abstinence syndrome.

“This is a very terrible thing, folks, it’s terrible for this child, completely innocent in the whole thing. It’s terrible. And we think it is. We’re very outraged about it. We’re outraged at these pharmaceutical companies, not the doctors, just the companies that manufacture or sell these things and convinced doctors that they’re not harmful. We want to do something about it, folks, here at Darrell Castle & Associates. We do. So if you know a child, you know a person, who has had such a child, perhaps it’s you, perhaps you’ve adopted a child who has NAS… You call me, folks. I’ll talk to you about it for free.”

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