In some company policies, if a person is laid off or fired, then re-hired within a certain amount of time, he or she is allowed to retain pay level, vacation time, and seniority.

To avoid those responsibilities, some employers will wait until the time-frame runs out, then attempt to hire back the former employee at lower pay and with less benefits.

These practices tend to add insult to injury, causing re-hired employees to feel used and disrespected by the company. But if you’re unemployed and need the work, you may seriously consider the option. Soon you wind up back in your old office with more responsibility and less perks.

Many HR experts and recruiters would agree with your decision to go back to your old company, even and especially if you continue to pursue employment elsewhere. It looks much better on a resume to be working than to be unemployed. Furthermore, when a company chooses to re-hire you it reflects well on your work quality and reputation.

If you feel so insulted by going back that you don’t believe you can do your job well or treat the company respectfully, it might be better not to take your old job. But if you can overcome your pride and forgive the company’s re-hiring practices, consider going back anyway. You’ll appreciate the boost it gives to your job search and your bank account.

If unemployment has left you overwhelmed by debt or unable to pay your bills, our attorneys might be able to help. We’d be glad to discuss your situation at no cost and help you get a fresh start.

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