Our office has seen a rise in debt collection scams across Memphis and the Mid-South.

Bankruptcy clients have reported that when some creditors call them, the caller ID will say it’s from the local police department.

That’s not only incorrect, it’s often illegal. The law says debt collectors cannot send fake or misleading communication, including using false names or letterhead. They also can’t threaten you with police action or arrest.

When a creditor uses technology to trick you into thinking they’re law enforcement, they’re being misleading at best. You have every right to demand better and to be on high alert so you don’t get scammed or harassed.

That’s why I offer a free report on what creditors can’t do. It explains your rights and how to report bad behavior. Get yours today at no charge on our website. If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, please consider connecting with bankruptcy lawyers Memphis, TN trusts as soon as you can.

If you still have questions, you can always call us at 901-327-2100 or send us a contact form. We’re happy to answer your questions, no strings attached.

Lastly, remember that bankruptcy puts a stop to all creditor harassment. They can’t even contact you after you file – they have to go through us. Our Memphis bankruptcy lawyers are happy to help. Contact us today.