Recent attacks in Memphis have brought vicious animals back into the headlines.

First, a pit bull terrier attacked a toddler who wandered onto his neighbor’s property. Then, only three days later, two pit bulls and a Rottweiler attacked two adults.

While the adults will likely recover, the toddler was taken to LeBonheur in extremely critical condition.

In both cases, the owners seem to have shown severe lack of responsibility with the dogs, all of which were considered particularly dangerous breeds. In the case of the pit bull/Rottweiler pack, the owners were allegedly so certain that the dogs weren’t dangerous, even after the attacks, that they hid one of them in the attic to prevent its being taken by animal services.

In the case of the toddler, the owner knew the boy had a tendency to wander into his backyard. In fact, he even told the boy – who is only about 2 years old – that the dog is dangerous. He warned the child not to come into the yard.

But when you have a viscous dog, and when you know that very young children tend to wander onto your property, it is absolutely your obligation to protect that space from them. It’s hard to imagine this tragedy would have occurred if the owner had a locked, high fence so that no child could get in. If a person can’t afford a fence like that, they (and the rest of the community) most certainly can’t afford their dangerous dog.

The property owner’s liability gets even more serious when considering the backstory: he had found the toddler in his yard two weeks before, playing with the dog’s puppies.

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Puppies are a particular attention grabber for young children. It could easily be argued that they constitute an “attractive nuisance” – a doctrine in personal injury that holds homeowners liable for items on their property that entice young children who are unable to consider the risks.

In Memphis and Shelby County, dangerous dogs must not be tolerated. Unfortunately, animal services and the police don’t or can’t always put a stop to the terror certain dogs’ behavior inflicts. Our personal injury attorneys handle dog attack cases, and we can help you deal with the legalities of tragic injuries inflicted by dangerous animals.

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