Motorcycle riding is a great investment for those who want a more exciting and gas-efficient way to get to either work, school, sights or simply around town for a cruise. It is important to remember that while can be a fun form of transportation, riders are almost thirty times more likely to pass away as a result of an accident compared to vehicle drivers. While this should not discourage you from riding, it is a fact of reality to keep in mind. Using safety strategies when riding your motorcycle can help protect you from being involved in a car accident. Car drivers often forget to watch out for motorcycle riders, so it is vital that you keep a keen eye and ear out when sharing the road with other vehicles.

In this article, we have provided motorcycle safety information for those who plan to embark on a thrilling or leisurely journey, whether near or far. To learn more about motorcycle accidents, you should contact a to reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA.

How much distance should a motorcycle rider keep between another vehicle?

A rider should be able to count to three solid seconds, when timing how soon they pass a landmark after the vehicle ahead. If a car is backing up within your path, slow down and let them continue. It is better to completely stop than to jolt past the back of the car quickly. The driver may not see you and speed up to get out of a parking spot sooner than you thought. If a car is merging, allow plenty of space between you and the car. When halting for a red light, consider stopping yourself to the side of the lane to help prevent from being rear-ended.

Does a new motorcycle rider need to practice braking?

Yes, new riders should find an empty lot to practice riding and braking. This is to help the rider get familiar with how much pressure they need to apply to the brakes in order to stop either slowly or rapidly. When riding, keep hands over the rear and front brakes at all times, so you have a faster reaction time if a car drives recklessly next to you. Your body should become familiar with what to expect if you ever do need to make a very sudden stop.

What is one of the most useful tools when riding a motorcycle?

Mirrors are perhaps one of the most helpful tools on your bike that can assist when navigating. Frequently look in your mirrors to see what is behind, and going on around you. Mirrors can also help a rider gauge how far a distance is between you and the car behind. If an oncoming car stops too closely behind the rider, they can move out of the way to create more space.

What should a motorcycle rider never assume?

Never, ever assume that another vehicle sees you on the road. Car drivers are often speeding, distracted, on their phones, daydreaming, talking to passengers, fiddling with the radio or otherwise not driving with rapt attention. If you do find yourself in an accident, it may be in your best interest to reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer Dekalb County GA residents can count on.

Thank you to attorney Andrew Lynch, P.C. for the above information on motorcycle safety.