Some food injuries can leave you in the hospital or even be fatal. Recent examples include cruise ship disease outbreaks, salmonella recalls, and more. If you’ve been injured by a restaurant or food service, you need a food injury lawyer with experience taking on the food industry.

How Food Injuries Happen

Every time a food company recalls a certain product, the FDA reports it on their website. Sometimes the recalled food carries deadly disease. Poor farming practices and bad storage in the restaurant can leave food susceptible to salmonella and listeria.

The recalls also sometimes list “undeclared food products.” Undeclared food products can happen whenever a manufacturer processes the food. Machinery and workers dealing with the food may accidentally spread small traces of certain ingredients around to other products.

Sometimes this leads to unsanitary food, like if you find a hair in your salad. But it can get a lot worse:

Recalls often include products that contain traces of nuts, shellfish, milk, and other potentially dangerous ingredients not included on the labeling.

In some cases, small traces of other ingredients mean life and death. For example, people with severe peanut or shellfish allergies need to know the contents of their food with absolute certainty.

Food Injury Lawyer in Memphis TN

If you’ve suffered from a severe allergic reaction due to undeclared ingredients or other recalled products, you should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney. An experienced lawyer will investigate your case and make sure you get the compensation you need and deserve.

Contact a food injury lawyer at our firm today if you have questions about an injury from recalled or dangerous food. We’ll be glad to discuss your situation with you at no charge.