How Age Affects Disability Applications

Your age can be a factor when applying for Social Security Disability. According to the SSA, age alone won’t determine your success or failure. But it does hold a lot of sway. Here’s how age affects disability applications:

The SSA considers age in combination with your “residual functional capacity” (which just means the most you can do despite your physical limitations).

They assume older age makes it more difficult to adjust to new types of work if you become disabled. So the SSA has special rules for people age 60 and older, since that age group is so close to retirement and may struggle more than others when trying to get new work.

For anyone younger than 50, the SSA doesn’t consider your age to be a serious factor in how well you can adjust to other work. In other words, depending on your disability, you may be able to switch to a completely different job if needed. You’re young enough to learn the new skills and get the experience you need to succeed. (There are some exceptions for applicants between 45-49.)

For applicants age 50-54, the SSA may consider you in the same category as people 55 or older if you:

1) have limited work experience, and

2) face a severe injury that will force you to change your area of work.

Memphis Attorney for Your Disability Application

Applying for disability can be extremely frustrating at any age. Most applications are denied the first time around.

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