Many people think that getting the police involved in a car accident is unnecessary. If the car accident happened between two cars, it should be fairly uncomplicated, right? However, with personal injuries (and depending on the level of property damage), you may be legally required to get the police involved. It is important to ensure that you are obeying the local and state laws regarding car accidents and calling the police. Many people–even those who are victims of car accidents–do not believe the police should be bothered when there are serious crimes going on. However, calling the police can help to get things sorted out at the scene of the accident and can prove highly beneficial to you when you are filing your claim. 

How could a police report help me with my claim? 

As a lawyer, like a car accident lawyer knows, getting the police report after your accident can help you when you begin the process of filing your car accident claim. While you may not be sure of how to go about getting the police report, when you work with a lawyer they can help gather all of the necessary evidence–including a police report–to bolster your claim. A police report is an official document that can be just as helpful as your medical records following an accident. 

What will a police report have in it? 

You might be thinking that the police report will not have any more information in it than what you have already provided. However, the police officer provides an entirely objective view of what happened, what evidence there is, and both sides of the accident. You may also have been in complete shock after the accident. This is a totally normal mental state to be in and while you think you may remember things, it could be very fuzzy following an accident or you may have been focused on making sure you and others were physically fine. This is okay. That said, this is why a police officer coming onto the scene can be helpful in picking up on clues and looking through the accident scene to see what could have caused it. Further, if you are not getting the settlement you are asking for and you and your attorney choose to pursue litigation, a car accident report can help to establish proof that the accident occurred and that certain details happened. Otherwise, the case becomes a “he said, she said.” 

The police report will have valuable information like: 

  • Both drivers’ information
  • Whether there were obvious injuries
  • Property damage
  • Each driver’s side of the story
  • Information about traffic signals, weather, and surrounding environmental information
  • Whether the officer issued a ticket or citation

Work With Your Lawyer Now! 

Having legal help with your claim can be invaluable. When you are planning to file your car accident claim, speak with your lawyer to ensure you get the corresponding police report as part of your evidence.