Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been hurt in an accident caused by someone else, the at-fault party’s insurance may try to contact you. They may ask you questions about your case and even offer an early settlement. Keep in mind that the insurance company cares about the bottom line first and does not have your best interests in mind.

Here are a few tips for speaking to an insurance company after an accident.

Be Polite

It is understandable that you still may be angry and upset about your accident. However, you should not take out your frustrations on the insurance adjuster. It can make the situation worse. Instead, remain calm and polite. If you do this, the insurance adjuster may be more willing to promptly handle your claim.

Do not Give Details About the Accident

When you speak with an insurance adjuster, he or she will likely ask you how the accident happened. You will want to avoid giving too many details. Just stick to the basic facts, like when and where the accident occurred and the vehicles involved. If you provide too much information, the insurance company could use that against you later on and possibly deny your claim.

Avoid Giving Details About Your Injuries

During your conversation with an insurance adjuster, you may also get asked about your injuries. It is not in your best interest to give details about your injuries right now. You might not know the extent of your injuries yet. If you exaggerate or minimize your injuries, the insurance company could use that against you. Just tell the insurance adjuster that you are currently treating your injuries.

Do not Provide a Recorded Statement

One of the most common mistakes accident victims make is providing a recorded statement to the insurance company. You are under no obligation to give a recorded statement. If you give a recorded statement,  you might accidentally say the wrong thing or leave information out, which can make you seem less credible.

Resist the Urge to Settle Early

There is a chance that the insurance adjuster may offer you a settlement during your first conversation. While it may be tempting to settle early and get it over with, it may not be in your best interest to do so. Insurance companies care about the bottom line first and may try to undervalue your claim. Never accept a settlement without discussing it with your personal injury lawyer first.

Do not Admit Fault

When you talk to an insurance adjuster, you should not say anything that would suggest you did something wrong. For example, you should avoid saying phrases like “I am sorry” and “I apologize.” Insurance companies may argue that you are at fault for the accident and try to deny your claim.

If you have been hurt in an accident, you should schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, like one from Presser Law, P.A., to discuss your case in detail.