When Do Patients Deserve a Warning?

As a medical device injury lawyer in Memphis, TN, I’ve seen my share of underreporting. Huge pharmaceutical and medical device companies refuse to tell the FDA and their own customers when they realize their products have problems. In fact, in some cases we have internal memos showing they knew the risks and purposefully kept it a secret.

Now a new law might make it even easier for device manufacturers to delay their reporting. Congress will vote today on whether companies that make these risky medical devices can hold off on telling the FDA when they see dangerous malfunctions.

These devices include:

  • cardiac defibrillators
  • insulin pumps
  • breast implants
  • and other medical devices

Many of these devices have been connected to cancer, power failure, and even death.

To be clear, the medical device industry makes roughly $148 billion a year. They have massive insurance policies and huge teams of lawyers. And when they know a product might come with serious injuries, they prepare for it in their budgets. They don’t need any further protections.

We don’t get to prepare. They don’t tell us when things go wrong, and as a result, we use these devices at our own risk – sometimes at the risk of death. I see it every day at my personal injury firm in Memphis. The companies have to report when their device causes a severe injury or fatality, but that’s too late for the patient, isn’t it?

We deserve better. As consumers it’s our right to know what could go wrong with the products we depend on. Fair, fast warning from the manufacturers is the only option.

Memphis Medical Device Injury Lawyer

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