Memphis is becoming safer for cyclists and pedestrians

By: Darrell Castle

After being blocked to traffic for the past two weeks, Riverside Drive in Downtown Memphis will reopen on Friday. However, the street will now have two less lanes for motorists and a new protected bike lane.

What’s the difference between a traditional bike lane and a protected one? A traditional bike lane simply consists of a thin line constituing a separation of a traffic lane and a bike lane, while a protected bike lane consists of a much larger set of lines or some kind of barrier separating the two.

In this instance, the grassy median aligned with trees sitting on Riverside Drive will now be that barrier separating the cyclists and pedestrians from the motorists Downtown.

This is a resourceful move for the city of Memphis on two fronts.

First, it helps tackle the city’s unhealthy obsession with being unhealthy. Earlier this month, when ranking the 50 largest US cities on how fit they were, Memphis ranked 50th (last).

In America, 65% of people who don’t ride bikes said they would if offered a protected bike lane, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission. So, any progress Memphis can make in getting its citizens off their couch and engaging in any form of activity is desired.

Secondly, and important to me as a Memphis personal injury attorney, this makes life safer for pedestrians and cyclists Downtown. If you’re like me, you’ve seen the high speeds people can drive when coming off of I-55 onto Riverside Drive, so any extra protection that can be offered for these cyclists and pedestrians is needed and welcomed.

Protected bike lanes are only offered at two spots in Memphis now – Riverside Drive and Overton Park Avenue. And traditional bike lanes aren’t everywhere either. So, motorists still need to practice sharing the streets with cyclists and pedestrians, and vice versa. It’ll take a team-effort to keep everyone safe on the roadways.

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