We all spend more time than we realize avoiding traumatic brain injuries (TBI). We practice safety in our cars, wear helmets when we play sports, and even adjust the way we sleep at night. It’s as though we know intuitively that we should use caution around our fragile minds. But in reality, the number one cause of brain injury may be the most unavoidable of all.

According to the CDC, falls are the number one cause of TBI. And it spans the gamut in terms of age: perhaps unsurprisingly, young children and the elderly both have the highest rates of TBI caused by falling. But falls cause 35.2% of all TBI, and these injuries affect Americans of every age.

Falls also cause the largest number of brain injury-related emergency room visits and hospitalization. So this is a serious problem that many of us don’t even have to think about unless it happens to us.

Other Causes of Brain Injury

Many people probably assume high-impact sports cause most TBIs. And while football, hockey, and other sports do have that reputation for a reason and can cause all types of brain injury, they impact a fairly small pool of players.

Car accidents also have a serious connection to brain injury. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of TBI-related death. People in their early twenties suffer from the highest rate of traffic-related brain injury fatalities.

Slip and Fall Injuries and Your Rights

Most people have no idea slip and fall accidents could kill them or be a leading cause of brain injury – or if we do ever think about it, we put it out of our minds immediately. We don’t want to contemplate our fragility doing something as simple as walking into a store.

But as a slip and fall lawyer Memphis TN has turned to for years, I’ve seen how severe these injuries can be. And I’ve seen people’s lives seriously impacted by a company leaving hard ice or dangerous spills to sit for hours on end.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, or if your loved one has experienced brain injury because of someone else’s mistake, you need an attorney. The medical bills and other losses can add up, and an attorney can help you recover what you need to move on. At my firm, we don’t receive any pay unless you do, and we talk you through the whole process so there’s never any surprises.

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