Financial elder abuse can be absolutely devastating; and as our population ages, it’s also becoming more common. Elders are extremely vulnerable to family members and even strangers. Often they’ve accrued a substantial estate, and because they’re nearing the end of their lives, the inheritance could become available very soon. This leads certain greedy people to target them for money.

The situation is even more dangerous for residents of nursing homes, who don’t have a close family member there at all times to protect them from fraud and other crimes. Add to that increased risk the confusion of dementia or Alzheimer’s, and you have a dangerous situation for the elder and his or her family.

Mickey Rooney testified on financial abuse before a congressional committee in 2011. A victim himself of exploitation, Rooney has also joined with documentary filmmakers to help raise awareness and educate families about how to protect their loved ones.

The film – Last Will and Embezzlement – is produced by Starjack Entertainment and directed by Deborah Louise Robinson. A well-versed nursing home lawyer Memphis, TN turns to can help guide you in determining whether or not abuse and/ or neglect may have occurred and how to fight it.

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