2016 Shows Overall Decline in Foreclosures

If you’re trying to prevent foreclosure in Memphis right now, you may be relieved to know 2016 saw the biggest drop in foreclosures on record.

A Fidelity company recently reported a 30% decrease nationwide in foreclosures last year. By the end of 2016, the amount of homes in active foreclosure dropped by over 200,000.

Foreclosure activity in general dropped to its lowest point in 10 years, reaching back to numbers from before the Great Recession.

TN Foreclosure Rates Drop

As a Memphis foreclosure lawyer, I know our state has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. We place 5th in foreclosures across the United States.

But even Tennessee saw a drastic decrease:

Tennessee delinquency rates dropped by 16.33% compared to 2015. That’s 6% fewer people who haven’t been able to pay their mortgage in 90 days or more.

Memphis Lawyer to Help You Prevent Foreclosure

A lot of factors might affect this past year’s drop in foreclosures:

  • better employment rates in 2016
  • changes in lending over the last few years
  • consumer caution after the recession
  • and more

But foreclosure still happens, and if you’re at risk, none of those factors probably mean a lot to you. You need something immediate and powerful to fix your problem and save your house.

Bankruptcy stops foreclosure instantly and has the power of federal law behind it. You can save your home and get peace of mind knowing the courts side with you, too.

I can help you prevent foreclosure in Memphis starting today. Imagine: you could be one of this year’s success stories. You could keep your house and be totally free of debt!

There’s no time to lose. Contact me today for a free appointment, no strings attached.